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Super simple demo, I haven't had a chance to do depth correction, so it really doesn't look very good at the moment. I need to get this shit sorted, I wouldn't even have uploaded this if it wasn't for demo day. super simple and small, just a map, you get to run around the world, don't hate it. Custom engine, not much time put into it, still needs a lot of work.

Also, I am not ashfade, do not be disappoint.

Ashfade was working on RPG like paper mario, but he canceled the project. He ended up giving me all the art assets he made for his project, so I'm remaking it in C++. (he used game maker)
I'm engine dev, building custom engine for it, still needs a lot of work. It's not going to be the exact same as how Ash was going to make it, but I'm still planning on making it a RPG like paper mario mixed with Earthbound.

Walking off screen for too long will cause it to crash, right now it's just the one map.

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Published1 year ago
StatusOn hold
GenreRole Playing

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